Message of Chairman

Welcome to Swedish Group of Colleges. It is an exciting time of leadership and development for our region, which continues to experience unprecedented growth and prosperity. The World, media and other sources boast Pakistan as one of the fastest growing country in the recent past.
While government struggles to plan infrastructure and services to meet demand, technical learning institutions also face challenges to educate and prepare a workforce needed to keep up with burgeoning growth.Since 1990, Swedish Group of Colleges has served the community by providing companies, institutions and organizations with a skilled, qualified workforce. As a career-oriented institution, Swedish Group of Colleges offers associate degrees in fields where our country needs educated and capable people. The offering of Bachelor degree programs in will be soon into play, which evidences our commitment to keeping on the pulse of local employers’ needs.
I invite our Internet visitors who want to learn more about our esteemed institution to explore the wealth of resources offered through our website. Although not all of the information resources are available to visitors, those that are accessible will give you a good sampling of the vast amounts of material available online.
The Colleges realize its community role and is prepared to step forward to meet the challenges that have been dictated by area growth. Employers in emerging technologies look to Swedish Group of Colleges to provide them with solidly prepared individuals, so they can expand and better serve this thriving country and its residents. Swedish Group of Colleges is also providing an intangible service to the homelands.
I encourage you to explore our website often. We are proud to share the resources of Swedish Group of Colleges ‘s progressive academic community”

Zarar Hussain
Chairman, Swedish Group of Colleges, Punjab.