D.A.E – Civil Technology


Three Years Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) in Civil Technology

Objective of Programme

In Swedish Institute of Technology students get not only the theoretical knowledge but also get the practical experience in the labs equipped with the latest practical equipment. The practical labs are held with the multinational designing, road building, companies for the better exposure and practical training of the students.
The objective of the Diploma level education in Civil is to fill the gap between university graduate engineers and the skilled workers trained at the Technical Training Centers.

Introduction of Civil

The civil engineering programs provides students with a broad and thorough background to civil engineering fundamentals, applications, and enlighten them for the practice of civil engineering at the professional level with the skills necessary to meet the technical and social challenges of the future. The program also ensures that students are enlightened in related subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. The program includes civil engineering education in structural design, geotechnical design, surveying, highway and transportation engineering, storm water protection analysis, water system design, and environmental engineering. The amalgam of these subjects helps in understanding the different calculations, scientific applications and understanding the different terms of the modern technology.


  • Age Limit Maximum up to 27 Years
  • Qualification Metric with Science Subject (English, Math, Physics, chemistry)


Affiliation / Registration

Institute is affiliate with Punjab Board of Technical Education, Lahore for this programme.


The Board of Technical Education (PBTE) conducts the examination and awards the Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) to successful candidates.

Future Opportunities

Successful students will attain the skills for entering the large horizons of civil engineering and paths leading to professional engineering registration, and will have a solid foundation in general civil engineering principles, enabling them to continue education at advanced levels. Civil engineering requires an understanding of steel, concrete, wood, asphalt, soils, rock, water, and chemicals; the environmental conditions that affect these materials; and its applications. A diploma associate engineer will have the engineering analysis and design skills to apply their work to real projects that others can benefit from. Some of the career opportunities at a glance are given below:

  • Start their own business as designers, Draftsman and architects & Contractor.
  • Can Work as Sub-Engineer /Technician  in Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, OGDCL, and Pakistan Railways, National Highway, Moterway, Pak Army  & many other departments.
  • Can become Architect designers
  • Junior Lecturer in Technical education